Kultura Marketplace 2016

Features a curated selection of Toronto’s most vibrant and innovative Filipino-Canadian artisans, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs.

Baked Keepsakes

Baked Keepsakes started with my love for the good old times. The memories we hold and think back to. The big, joyful occasions and the subtle times that snuck into our lives to remind us that things are going to be okay. I believe that people don’t get cakes just to have one in the room. Cakes are just cakes. What really matters is why the cake, the people, drunk speeches and that little girl dancing by herself are all there in the first place. The celebration. And my cakes are individually designed and dedicated to those unique moments that bring us together. Over the past 6 years, it has become a deep passion of mine and I want to thank KulturaFilipino Arts Festival for letting me share this with you.

Cambio Market

Cambio Market is an online boutique for the socially conscious consumer. Everything in our shop is handmade, fair trade, and has a unique story and social impact behind it. We sell a variety of products, including eco-friendly greeting cards made by former victims of sex trafficking in the Philippines, eco-ethical jewelry made out of upcycled T-shirts, vegan hair accessories that help species at risk, and handwoven bags made by indigenous artisans in the Philippines at risk of extinction (among other products). We source our products directly from our partners, most of whom are grassroots and small so there is a degree of exclusivity which our customers love. Not all of our products are from Philippines but a good amount are.

You can learn more about our products on our store at http://www.cambio.market

Dee de Lara Jewellery

Dee de Lara Jewelry is about uncovering the underlying story. With a bricolage approach inspired by Surrealism and Dada and the notion of “readymades”, Dee takes pieces that had different intended purposes and previous lives and combines them unexpectedly to reframe the context and tell a new story. Dee de Lara Jewelry is about playful juxtapositions and creating new meaning. Dee was born in Manila, raised in Staten Island, NY and Victoria, BC and calls Toronto and New York home, where everything is assembled by hand.

Filipinas Clothing Co.

Filipinas Clothing Co. is a conscious aspiring street wear brand that was established in 2009 in Toronto, Canada by the four founding brothers - Los Hermanos Agra. Having migrated to Canada from the Philippines, the hermanos wanted to inspire the Filipino youth in the city and bring them closer to our roots. Our mission is to promote nationalism, peace, and unity among the Filipino people by having them express themselves positively through streetwear fashion.

Inang Bruha

INANG BRUHA is a partnership between artists and mothers Jennifer Maramba (Tkaronto /Toronto) and Julie Nieto (Tio’tia:ke/ Montreal) for the Kultura Festival 2016. Inspired by our indigenous culture, knowledge, systems and practices we will offer art jewelry and other adornments that may root us back to traditional ways and reach forward for our future generations.

Volunteer Toronto

Whether you’re an organization with 50 staff members or completely volunteer-run, Volunteer Toronto is here to help you develop a great volunteer program. Posting your positions on our database gives you access to 2,000 potential volunteers per day, making it easy to find the right fit. And that’s not all we do! Our top-notch in-house and online workshops and resources will help you develop your professional skills and build a solid foundation to support your volunteer program.

The KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival is organized by Kapisanan Philippine Centre, a registered Canadian charity (88838 7404 RR0001).